Whale Talk,

Whale Talk & House Of The Scorpion Discussion & Responses two part Assignment. DISCUSSION
PART ONE – 5-7 paragraphs respond to two questions

  1. Read Whale Talk, (Crutcher) you may be reflecting on our discussion of realism. For the discussion of this novel, compare the development of the protagonist TJ as the protagonist in realistic Fiction 2. Respond to the novel generally as an example of realistic fiction.

PART TWO –   5-7 paragraphs

1. Read House of The Scorpion – The House of the Scorpion(Farmer)

Focus on dystopian literature, which,has been quite popular in the last several years.1. What about contemporary society might Farmer be critiquing in her novel, and why does she use a young adult as the protagonist in that critique?2.Giventhis dystopian context, how is Matt similar to/different from other protagonists, say in historical fiction or non-fiction? Please answer the question completely and competently?

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