What topic do you want to study? • What research question(s) do you want to answer? (NOTE: research questions are those that you do not yet have an answer to. This is about discovery, not proving an argument).

Sex trafficking

First description of the draft 1

  • What topic do you want to study? • What research question(s) do you want to answer? (NOTE: research questions are those that you do not yet have an answer to. This is about discovery, not proving an argument).

How will you investigate your topic and question? (e.g. a comprehensive review of scholarly or empirical literature on the topic; interviews combined with scholarly literature; content analysis; creative project which explores the meanings of your topic).

My work(draft 1):


My research topic is associated with sex trafficking. Sex trafficking refers to a form of contemporary slavery that occurs in most parts of the United States of America and other regions of the world. Traffickers apply viciousness and other forms of coercion to force people into commercial sex activities. In most cases, such actions eventually lead to family breakups, school dropouts and the development of low self-esteem.

Therefore, questions that I want to study regard the causes of sex trafficking in the society. Since the incidences of sexual operations have been increased in recent years; therefore, it is crucial to consider the causes of the abuses especially on women and young children. The research questions to be answered are:

Which regions are most affected by sex trafficking?

What are instances of regional disparities associated with sex trafficking business in

the United States of America?

What are the family backgrounds of women and children who find themselves in sex


Which group of people support sex trafficking in the society?

What are the general effects of the activities?

For investigation on the topic about the causes of sexual trafficking, I will carry out interviews on the victims of the incidences. The interview will be based on the scholarly literature on the topic of discussion. Victims of sex trafficking may be asked questions graciously to avoid offending them. Moreover, the content of this topic will be thoroughly analyzed so that appropriate answers to the question are found. At some point, there will be an inclusive review of the scholarly materials to fully understand the causes of sex trafficking in the country.


My Professor’s comment: Before continuing along this line of research I would like you to first go back and review the readings from the first few days (and weeks) of class. These readings all call into question the term “sex trafficking.” This is not to suggest that force fraud and coercion are not used in the sex industry. But a big part of what we are doing in this class is to push past common understandings/myths around sex trafficking and to look for both deeper causes of exploitation in general as well as taking a critical eye on the rescue industry. Also, I’m not sure how you will be able to interview victims of sex trafficking. Do you have contact with people who identify as victims of sex trafficking? I encourage you to take a step back and rethink all of this. Perhaps instead you could do a comparative review of different perspectives on human trafficking in the sex industry? (e.g. CATW vs. GAATW perspectives.)



Instructions for draft #2:

At the top of your first page, state your (most recently revised) research question. Next, state whether you will be writing a paper 7-8 pages or doing a creative project.
Next, provide a brief summary of the sources you have thus far. (how many are external academic journal articles or books?).

Next, provide a skeleton outline of your paper or creative project.

Finally, provide a bibliography of the sources you have thus far.


I want to change the research question for the paper, I am not going to do the creative project.

Find 3-4 sources from the net to support the paper research question.

And The book I am going to use is “Domestic minor sex trafficking” conclusion of the book: Lutnick’s book, Domestic Minor Sex beyond Victims and Villains, focuses on human trafficking issues. The author centers her investigation on sex trafficking among the U.S. legal residents’ children or young people. The book defines domestic minor sex trafficking and describes the methods that identify the offense. Also, it explains the impact of trafficking and provides techniques that would curb the menace in the later chapters. The key terms that the author used in her book include domestic trafficking, minors, sexual exploitation, and so on. The argument that author believes is sex trafficking among underage people still exists despite the mass awareness of the crime. She highlights that homeless youth faces the highest risk of sex trafficking.    finding abstract of the book to learn about it may be better.




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