Why is Felix an important role model and educator for black women in this area of health?

Address the following in this essay:
How do the academic study on the sources page and Felix’s interview with Dr. Wanda Barfield show that the risks faced by women of color are caused by environment, not genetics, such as how the women are disadvantaged in their interactions with doctors? Why is Felix an important role model and educator for black women in this area of health?
How does Felix’s activism in the area of maternal health connect with her support for Black Lives Matter, based on her statements in Source 3?
In the Olympics in Tokyo in July-August 2021, Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles experienced problems dealing with public pressures and fear of failure. How did Felix’s Instagram post display empathy for all women facing that kind of stress? How does she analyze her own fear and show that fear is normal? What advice would you give to other sportspersons experiencing fear of failure based on Alysson’s words?
Your essay should be a minimum of 750 words and should follow these guidelines:

1) Introduction paragraph: focus on the concepts as the controlling ideas of the essay.

2) Body paragraphs: include at least one quote from each source, but always follow a quote with a paraphrase to show understanding.

3) Judiciousness: Pick the best quotes from a source, not just any quote.

4) Conclusion: Draw together your thoughts into a strong takeaway that the reader will remember.

5) Grammar: Focus on clarity. Use spelling and grammar check in Word. Get a friend or relative to read the essay back to you if you have someone willing to do that.

6) References: You do not need a Bibliography – just put the author and year in brackets (or video title)

7) Outside sources: You can use other sources to supplement the ones in the module but not in place of those sources.

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