Write a 4-6 page double-spaced essay that answers the module question: Why did so many families depart form the post-WWII middle-class nuclear ideal in the decades after 1960?

All essays must contain a thesis statement in the introduction and develop a consistent argument through discrete logical steps and the use of specific historical evidence. For this essay you must use and cite at least six primary sources. Three of these primary sources must be family biographies posted by your classmates, which are available on Canvas in Module Five, under “View Family Biographies Here.” You must use proper citations for sources cited. For the class family biographies, your citation should take the following form:

Student name, “Title of Biography,” 2012.

For the videos, use the following citation form:

Your Family, 1948.

The following criteria will be employed for grading: quality of introduction and thesis statement; quality of analysis and argumentation; use of specific historical evidence to support points; writing quality; citations. The video presentation “Writing Paragraphs” provides instruction on how to excel in each of the categories. If you have not view this earlier in the semester, it is strongly recommended that you view this video presentation. This is available on Canvas in Module Three, under “Video Presentation: Writing Paragraphs.” For further review, you can also go back to Module Two and view “Video Presentation: How to Write an Introductory Paragraph.”

The essay needs to be formatted according to the standards set out in the “Standard Format for Written Assignments document here: Standard Format for Written Assignments.doc Preview the document. When considering page numbers, remember that you must have a minimum of 4 full pages, not counting the bibliography or title page if you use one. To submit the assignment, attach your document using the options below.

This essay must be submitted by 5:00 PM on December 14th.

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