Development of the European Integration: Seminar assessment criteria.

Development of the European Integration
Academic year 2018-2019, 1st semester
 Course requirements: The seminar and lecture of the course titled The Development of the European Integration have to be accomplished together. In case someone does not fulfil the seminar assessment criteria (or has the lowest grade (1)), or fails / does not attend the final exam, he/she has to retake the whole course next year.
 Participation: you can miss three classes without certificate – attendance will be checked. Those, who have four absences, fail the course, and cannot take the final exam. It is not possible to do extra work to make up for the absences. The same consequences stand for: missing more than three quizzes (or failing more than 3 of them), not holding the presentation, not handing in the final research paper. The group will write 6 quizzes during the semester. The quizzes will contain 3 short questions, you have to have 2 good answers in order to pass the quiz. Please download Kahoot application to your smart phones!
 The points for the seminar work consists of the following:
o Participation in the class discussions will also be counted. (5 points)
o Presentations: you have to hold a presentation on a given topic. The date of the presentation is set during the first seminar. The duration of the presentation should be appr. 20 minutes. It is also required to prepare a one-page hand-out for the whole class. The references used for the presentation should be given at the end of the hand-out. (15 points)
o Final research paper: please find the requirements below. (20 points) Late submission: if the paper is submitted within a week (after the deadline), then 5 points, if the delay is more than a week but less than 2 weeks, then 10 points will be subtracted from the overall points for the paper. More than 2 weeks of delay is not tolerated. The paper receives 0 point in case of the complete lack of (in-text or footnote) citations or in case it contains longer (almost word-by-word) quote from one or two pieces of literature (even if those are cited as in-text or footnote references).
1. The topic of the final term paper has to be chosen from the list provided on Moodle.
2. When writing the research paper, you have to use an adequate number of relevant sources of proper quality (ie. academic journals, relevant monographs). The paper should be analytic, informative, should contain relevant data. It is important to pay attention to the use of technical terms, names of institutions, organizations, and politicians as well. It is highly important that the paper should be divided into three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction has to contain the focus of the paper (the aim of the essay, central question, etc.), and the conclusion has to summarize the findings or answers to those questions based on the research/analysis conducted in the paper.
3. When writing the research paper, you need to reference the source, even if it is not a direct quote – you have to avoid plagiarism. You can indicate the source used as in-text citation (please use the APA style system: or as foot-notes. When using foot-notes, please provide all the information of the source (please use the APA style as the source of data to provide) when it is first cited; when you refer to the same source later, please use: op. cit page number; or if two foot-notes for the same piece of literature follow one right after the other, please apply: Ibid. page number. It is important not to mix the two types of citation systems. As for creating the list of references, please use the APA style reference system (
4. The length of the research paper has to be 20,000-25,000 characters (including spaces). This is the net length – it does not include the cover page, content, appendices and the references.
5. The deadline for submission of the paper is November 25 (midnight).
6. The deadline in case of one week delay is December 2 (midnight), the final deadline (2 weeks delay) is December 9 (midnight).
7. The paper should be uploaded on the Moodle platform in doc or docx format.
During the seminar sessions, students are asked for silencing their mobile phones, and should refrain from using recording devices (this is true for the lectures as well). Please suspend surfing the Facebook and other social media networks during the seminars. I would appreciate if you do not leave the classroom and return during the seminars.

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