Is the information that’s been included pertinent, relevant, well-organized and does it flow logically?


You are the Director of Talent Development at Planit, an advertising agency in Philadelphia. Your position involves providing training and professional development opportunities for Planit employees. The company has offices in London, Tokyo, and Paris.



Planit is preparing for two seasoned advertising managers, Lydia and Nathan, to transfer to the company’s Paris office. Lydia and Nathan are important members of the organization and are excited about the transfer.


Elizabeth is your direct supervisor. She is also well acquainted with Lydia and Nathan and has been involved in planning for their transfer.

After a meeting earlier this week, Lydia and Nathan shared with you that they want to learn more about the French culture in advance of their transfer. Planit is not equipped to provide this type of training, and therefore, you need to conduct research to identify training companies that offer this type of service to businesses.

You certainly agree with the rationale behind Lydia’s and Nathan’s training request and believe that training would be a worthwhile investment. You mention the training initiative to Elizabeth in passing. In response, Elizabeth has asked you to prepare a proposal, and send it to her by the end of the week.

Task: Plan, compose, and complete a short proposal that has the goal of persuading Elizabeth to support a cultural training initiative. Follow the specific directions outlined in Part 1 and Part 2 below.

Part 1 –Planning Questions

  1. State your general purpose: are you trying to inform, persuade, entertain, facilitate interaction, or motivate a reader?
  2. Determine your specific purpose (the desired outcome).
  3. What information will you include based on your research?
  4. As a manger, discuss what Elizabeth cares about in terms of her position as a manager?
  5. How might Elizabeth feel about the issue you are raising?
  6. Determine whether you’ll use the direct or indirect approach.


Part 2 – The Proposal


Directions: Compose a short proposal that follows guidelines outlined in the chapter. Make sure to use a template so that your information is visually organized with appropriate headings. You will make a recommendation to Elizabeth that Planit should contract with a cross-cultural training program that is capable of offering training in the French culture. You will need to conduct research using the web to support this goal. Ultimately, you will provide pertinent information to Elizabeth regarding the training company that best meets the needs of Lydia and Nathan. Please select a proposal or report template from Word and ensure that your proposal is logically organized and professional in appearance.


Grading Rubric


Submission: Have all two parts been uploaded to Canvas (i.e. the planning questions, draft)


Planning Questions: Have the planning questions been answered fully and completely)? Do they demonstrate serious consideration and are they free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors?


Level of Quality:

·       Does the proposal include a clearly stated purpose?

·       Is the tone appropriate?

·       Is it clear and concise?

·       Has it been adapted to meet the profile (i.e. concerns and values) of the audience?

·       Is the information that’s been included pertinent, relevant, well-organized and does it flow logically?

·       Has the proposal been formatted and is it visually professional?

·       Is it free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes?





Please do both Part I&II


Part II is a short proposal, around one page is enough, and Part II must follow the idea as the next two pictures below.(sections of problem, solution, and conclusion)


If you have any questions, please leave a message to me, I will respond ASAP.

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