Utility of Diffusion-Weighted MRI for monitoring treatment response in patient with multiple myeloma a systematic review.

Utility of Diffusion-Weighted MRI for monitoring treatment response in patient with multiple myeloma a systematic review.
1.Check the latest originality report in attachments and reduce the similarity index.
2.Regarding the remaining comments to address – ensure
this revision is the last one.
In the Article part:
– Section “depth of response to treatment” – Overall quite descriptive – can you add
some critique or discussion?
– . Do not delete the content highlighted with the comment; Notably, the previous studies that have obtained
significant results concerning the relevance of ADC in evaluation of MM patients in a therapy session are all characterized by small cohorts
(Horger et al. 2011; Messiou et al. 2012; Hillengass et al. 2011). — add more studies to support the statement, section Anatomical
region and lesion type
Again you have failed to improve the Discussion part as a whole in accordance with this comment: To be honest,
it was quite difficult to follow and was too descriptive. Significant reworking is needed to bring to the required standard, you need to
include more discussion and critique than is currently evident.

Annex component, please, amend the following: — do address these
Comment: This element needs developing in the below attempts at reflection as they are quite descriptive.

8/8/18 1:28 PM
revise the paper according to the latest comment from QA+ reduce plagiarism

DescriptionThis is a 9,000 word dissertation with 2 components.
first component is a 4,000 word article i.e the actual research and the second component is tagged the annex which is a 5,000 words write up to justify choices made within the research process and this component also includes a more extensive literature review and reflection

I have completed the systematic review process but will need a great deal of help with critical analysis?writing as my supervisor has consistently fault my drafts on the critical analysis ground. Critical analysis/writing constitute a huge amount of mark in the marking scheme for this module. i will also need help with grammar,editing and APA referencing. This project is for an MSc award in Radiography hence will want someone with Radiology background to handle it. Will appreciate frequent contact with the writer.i have attached the module guide, my initial proposal, my article and annex components.The reviewed papers and each draft with supervisor’s comment.

Latest revision comment 9/21 check the latest attached files called Submitted Article and Anex, as well as guide and file Marking Combined which is feedback.
The New Writer has to proceed in the files Latest Article and Latest Annex attached.
Make sure to follow each and every comment from the files “Submitted” as well as written comments “Marking Combined”

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Is it possible to have drafts on a weekly basis as we go along. This will enable prompt feedback between all parties.

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