Research paper about the novel Mrs. Dalloway. Topic: War of Self-Expression.


This is a research paper about the novel Mrs. Dalloway. Topic: War of Self-Expression

Please include a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph.

Please follow the rubric below:

Organization: The paper should be logically organized. It has a thesis statement in the very first paragraph, which is followed by a close reading that progresses logically. It will cost you a minus if the paper is not organized in this way. For example, if the paper were to receive an A in terms of content, but it is not organized, it will receive a B+.

Accuracy of facts: As we know, facts and interpretations are different. You may produce multiple interpretations of a fact (some better than the others), all of which are valid. It will cost you a full letter grade if there is significant misunderstanding of the facts. For example, you mistook the narrator or character for some other people and thereby made wrong analysis.

Analysis (interpretations): The grade for your paper largely depend on how well or how close you read the text and use the scholarly sources. You will receive an A if you provide a lucid, organized, accurate, insightful, and well-supported analysis that has a thesis statement. A paper is considered lacking insight if it 1) only touches on the surface of the text instead of going after deeper meanings or implications, 2) fails to account for other (contradictory) evidence in the text related to your thesis statement, or 3) as a historically-situated analysis, fails to interpret the text in its specific historical. literary, and cultural contexts. Missing any of the above three elements will cost you one-third to two-thirds of a grade, depending on circumstances.

Use of scholarly sources: You may use the scholarly sources to support or refute your argument. There is no fixed way or place in the essay to incorporate scholarly sources. Make sure you understand the scholar’s arguments correctly. You may paraphrase or quote from the scholarly sources. Whenever you mention the scholar’s ideas, you need to credit him/her and provide proper in-text citation. You should only incorporate as many details as necessarily support or refute your argument. Do not give me all the arguments in the scholarly sources; mention only what is relevant to your topic. If you fail to do any of these, you will lose one-third of a grade to a full grade, depending on the circumstances.

These are my scholarly sources (please only use the sources I have provided):

Guth, Deborah. “Rituals of Self-Deception: Clarissa Dalloway’s Final Moment of Vision.” Twentieth Century Literature: A Scholarly and Critical Journal, vol. 36, no. 1, 1990, pp. 35-42.

Jensen, Emily. “Clarissa Dalloway’s Respectable Suicide.”  Virginia Woolf: A Feminist Slant. University of Nebraska Press, 1983, pp. 162-179.

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