Self-Care/Compassion Fatigue Discussion: What might be your specific warning signs/symptoms of compassion fatigue?

Self-Care/Compassion Fatigue Discussion Questions

Respond to the discussion questions with a 200-250 words response. Include at least two academic appropriate references to support your response. APA format required.

Respond to the following questions using the article and your individual scores as a point of reference:


  1. What might be your specific warning signs/symptoms of compassion fatigue?
  2. Do you believe you can experience compassion fatigue and still feel compassion?
  3. What self-care strategies could you implement to prevent compassion fatigue?
  4. How might you care for yourself if you sense compassion fatigue “setting in”?
  5. What are your biggest concerns when reviewing your scores of the above three tools?


Below, are the websites:


Read this article:



Attention: Cite from the article above to support the responses.

After completing the questions, my scores are:


Compassion Satisfaction score is 48

Burnout score is 16

Second Traumatic Stress score is 15

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